Why We're Here

NAGDA was formed to provide bird dog owners the opportunity to hunt upland birds in a competitive environment.

In order for the association to work, everyone must win: the host clubs, the members, the dogs and the organization.  Shooting sports have decreased in popularity over the past few years with increased regulations on gun ownership, and bird hunting has suffered for lack of habitat, weather and hunting pressure.  By partnering with private clubs and preserves, we can offer hunters and dog-lovers an opportunity to extend their season and participate in friendly competition.

Sanctioned events are held across the country at private hunt clubs. Competition events begin in September and end with a national championship in April.

All of our events are scored, not judged. There are nine (9) divisions: Open Pointing, Amateur Pointing, Open Flushing, Amateur Flushing, Youth, Puppy, Seniors, Women's, Doubles, and Senior Dog.

Each run of the first eight divisions is timed; one hunter, one dog, four birds, eight shells, and twenty minutes on the clock.  The Doubles Division allows for two hunters and two dogs to work the field together in search of six birds, with a total of 10 shells shared between the hunters.  The top three places in each division will be awarded prizes.  To participate in North American Gun Dog Association events you must be a member.


To compete in the North American Gun Dog Association you must own a dog that either points or flushes and retrieves to hand. The dog does not have to be registered and can be any breed. Use of electric collars and beepers is permitted and encouraged.


Individual:  $45 per year

Youth (ages 12-17):  $20 per year

Couples:  $70 per year

Family:  $80 per year

Participating in these hunting events will hone your competitive skills. You'll be surprised at your improvement during the course of the season. The more events you enter, the better you and your dog become.

To join the North American Gun Dog Association, simply click here to download a membership form. Please mail your completed form and payment to the address below.

Mission Statement 

The North American Gun Dog Association (NAGDA) is a non profit corporation of members who are dedicated to promoting bird hunting activities for its members and their dogs at host clubs. NAGDA carries out its mission by sponsoring hunting competitions for youth, amateur and advanced dog handlers. Special attention is given to mentoring and educating youth to enjoy bird hunting with dogs in a safe and caring environment. The long-term goal of NAGDA is to foster a nationwide network of hunting dog enthusiasts who participate in local, regional and national events in partnership with host hunting clubs.