Providing Competitive Hunting Opportunities to Bird Hunters Nationwide

The North American Gun Dog Association (NAGDA) provides bird dog owners the opportunity to improve their hunting skills and develop the instinctive abilities of their four-legged partners.  NAGDA welcomes hunters from all walks of life and encourages participation by men and women of all ages and dogs of all skill levels.  A total of nine divisions allow hunters to compete at a level suited to both themselves and their dogs, and encourages youth participation as a means of educating today's up-and-comers about safe hunting practices in a fun and competitive environment.

Sanctioned NAGDA events are held across the country at affiliated hunt club year-round, with Nationals being held at the beginning of April every year.

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the 2020 NAGDA Nationals April 3, 4 & 5, 2020

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Please review the following rule changes, effective immediately:

Qualified Point: To be awarded a qualified point the dog must hold point for a minimum of 3 seconds, determined by the judge only. Also, the point must result in a bird that takes flight, unless in the judge’s opinion the bird is deemed unable to fly. After the 3-second minimum has been met, the handler must attempt to flush the bird, ahead of the dog, before the dog will be awarded any points. The key is the bird must be produced to the air for the gun. The competitor must wait 1 minute to pursue the bird IF it lands in the competitors field. 

Find: In the flushing division, a find will be awarded when the dog traps, catches or in the judges opinion causes a bird to take flight. In the case of a trap or catch, a shell will be forfeited, this applies to both divisions. The competitor must wait 1 minute to pursue the bird IF it lands in the competitors field. 

43.  Dead Bird – If the dog goes on point and you find that the bird is dead, you must tell the scorekeeper that the bird is dead. The scorekeeper will stop the clock and inspect the bird. If the bird is cold or stiff you will not get any credit for that bird. If the bird is warm, the hunter will get full credit.

Dog going on point while retrieving a bird

After shooting a bird, during the retrieve while the dog is on its way back to you with the bird, the dog goes on point again. Call point and approach your dog to get the retrieve. This is the new point of retrieval. Now you must produce a bird on the second point otherwise you will be penalized for a partial retrieve for the first bird and no points for the second bird. If you do produce a bird on the second point and harvest that bird and get the retrieve, you will not be penalized for a partial retrieve. There is to be no communication from anyone if the dog has in fact pointed another bird.

National Championship Doubles Qualifying

Some circumstances prohibit teams from being able to qualify together because of the distance away from each other. Example living in different states. Any Doubles team can be formed to compete at Nationals based upon the following criteria.

1. Dog & Handler as a team must have qualified with another Doubles team for that year’s Nationals. All other qualification criteria apply.

Amateur Division Revision

If you win the Amateur National Championship the Handler & Dog as a team will no longer be able to compete as an amateur team in that same division and must move up to the Open Division. The Board of Directors reserves the right to deem any participant as a tournament hunter and require them to compete in the Open Division.

Senior Dog Division

1. Dog must be a minimum of 10 years old.

2. One of the below items is required for proof of age.

a. Registration Documentation.

b. Letter from your Vet stating dog’s age.

c. Proof the dog has competed in NAGDA for at least 9 years.

3. For this Division only: If the dog is in the NAGDA Gun Dog Hall of Fame or has been nominated for the Hall of Fame, that dog may only run in this Division. Any senior dog competing in this division can not compete in any other division.

4. Flushers & Pointers will run in the same Division under Flushing rules.

5. A dog can only make 1 run in this Division per Nationals.

6. Qualifying for the National Championship, a Hunter and Dog must compete at two events in the Senior Dog Division, placing 1st – 3rd at one of those events or attend 4 NAGDA events in one year.

7. Any dog that meets the criteria for the Senior Division and was a Top 5 finalist in any Division at the previous Nationals will automatically be invited to compete at Nationals the following year regardless of who the handler is. They must compete in at least two events prior to Nationals.

8. Each run will be 4 birds 20 minutes, but the field size will be smaller whenever possible.

9. At Nationals this Division will be 1 run & done. The high score will be declared the National Champion. Standard tie-breaking protocols will apply.

10. National awards will be based on number of entries. Example:

10 entrants = 5 award placements, 5 entrants = 2 award placements

11. Entry fee will be reduced because of only 1 run.

12. This Division counts towards the 6-run maximum per handler at Nationals.


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