North American Gun Dog Association
Dog of the Year

Every Spring, NAGDA hosts its three-day National Competition.  

Only the best individual score of the dog from its best qualifying run prior to Nationals and the best score of the dog for each day of the Nationals regardless of Division will be used. ( if the Doubles score is used, it will be cut in half). These scores must come from the same membership. All of these scores will be added together and the dog with the highest aggregate point total will be Dog of the Year. Only one score per day will be used. In the event there is a tie of total scores, the first tie breaker will be each dog’s total time from the run used on the third day, with the quickest time being the winner. If still tied, the second tie breaker will be the time of the first bird bagged by each dog from the run used on the third day.

Only scores from 1 membership will be eligible to be used. (Individual, Youth, Couple, or Family membership)

Example:      If both a husband and a wife run a dog and they have a couples membership, the best of the two scores on a particular day will count for the dog. For a Family membership, the best of the three scores on a particular day will count for the dog. With an Individual membership, only the scores from that membership will count. For two different memberships running the same dog, each member's scores will be counted separately and not combined with each other.

2019 - Reba

Reba - Ron & Kathy Moorhead - Ogallala, NE

Womens National Champion

Open Flushing 2nd Place

Doubles 2nd Place



2018 - Daisy

Daisy - Dan & Aleta Hannum - Dayton, NV

Senior Handler National Runner-up

Open Pointing National 5th

2017 - RED & REMI

Remi - Ron & Kathy Moorhead - Ogallala, NE

2017 Amateur Flushing National Champion

Red - Dan & Aleta Hannum - Dayton, NV

2017 Open Pointing Runner-Up
2017 Doubles 3rd, 4th, and 5th place

1804 points

2016 - Red

Red won Open Pointing Nationals and placed 2nd & 5th in the Doubles.

4 in a row!

Dan & Aleta Hannum - Dayton, Nevada

2015 - RED

1302 points

Red is owned by Dan & Aleta Hannum of Dayton, Nevada.

This year, Red earned 2nd place in the Doubles Division.

Congratulations, Red, on your three-peat!

2014 - Red 

1628 points

Red is owned by Dan & Aleta Hannum of Dayton, Nevada

This year, he earned a 4th place finish in Open Pointing and 3rd place in the Doubles Division

Congratulations, Red, on your second consecutive Dog of the Year Award!

2013 - Red

1586 points

Red is a 4 year-old English Pointer from Dayton Nevada, owned by Dan & Aleta Hannum

At the 2013 NAGDA Nationals, Red competed for and won the National Championship in Open Pointing and finished 3rd in the Doubles Division

Congratulations to Red and the Hannums for this outstanding award!

2012 - Zeke

1558 points

Zeke is a 2 year-old Pointing Lab from Visalia, California, owned by Justin & Sara Morton

Zeke won National Championships in 2012 in both the Open Flushing and Doubles Divisions

Congratulations to Zeke and the Mortons on a job well done!

2011 - RUGER

1455 points

Ruger is a 2-year old English Pointer owned by Larry and Kim House of Goodland Kansas.

Ruger ran in the Open Pointing, Women's, and Doubles divisions to accomplish this great feat.

Congratulations to Ruger and the House family.