Bryce Mann Volunteer of the Year Award


2019 - Lance Ludwig,

Stratton, CO

Lance has been a member and volunteer of NAGDA since its began. Lance enjoys scoring the amateur pointing division at local qualifying events and that the Nationals. Lance not only volunteers his time in the field but also his equipment to offer a safe haven for competitors from the weather during the Nationals. NAGDA would like to congratulate and thank Lance for all he has done to promote and assist NAGDA through the years.



Sherri Davis.jpeg

Sherri has been a part of NAGDA for many, many years. If you have attended a NAGDA National event you may have seen Sherri. She is the one mostly behind the scenes doing the office work at Nationals. She checks the addition on the scoresheets, posts & tabulates the scores and makes sure the numbers all match. She also takes the dinner tickets, sells the raffles tickets and makes sure everyone pays for their raffle & auction items at the banquet. NAGDA would like to congratulate and thank Sherri for all she has done over the years for NAGDA.

2017 - Jeff & Robin Erker, Roggen, CO

Jeff and Robin have been members, participants and volunteers of NAGDA since its humble beginning in 2000.  They have attended 95% of all the qualifying events in Colorado as well as all 17 National events.  They have selflessly given their time and resources to support NAGDA and its members.  If you have been to a NAGDA National Event you have seen them in the blind and in the field.  NAGDA would like to Thank Jeff and Robin for their support through the years.